Events and Meetings in Virtual Reality

V-Hive is a platform for corporate events in VR or having a quick meeting
with custom venues and avatars at an affordable rate.

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About us

V-Hive is a product of Mann Made a South African company based in Johannesburg. Being specialists in large scale corporate events we decided to take our expertise into a new digital space in VR. We realised with Virtual Reality we could create events and experiences that could be far more cost effective for our clients. We have great customer service and an excellent digital team ready to take your next event into a new frontier of digtial experiences for your business whether it's corporate communication, workshops, conferences, or a small business meeting. With us you can look forward to building new immersive digital office spaces for your business.

Meet us in V-Hive

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Meet us in VR and we can talk about your next big event or plan the construction of your new meeting space or just discuss the possibilites of VR.
We plan on having workshops and other social activities for the community.

Why V-Hive?

V-Hive experiences are far more engaging than a streamed video or call, the biggest difference is that you get to virtually be there, and with Virtual Reality the level of immersion dwarfs regular video. The level of engagement is such that it reduces distractions from multi tasking on something else or interference from the outside world since we are putting you and your audience in a whole new one, one that people can connect to wherever they are.

Present that next big idea on the biggest screens, you're not limited to a boardroom projector, expensive staging or imax cinema screens. Even without a VR headset you can still join these experiences from your computer or modern mobile devices, we have support for everyone. With built in chat and even virtual video calling from your mobile phone everyone can take part in all the ways people are used to and the best part is you don't need to download anything all you need is a modern web browser and the link to your event.

Presentation and Venue Design

With our background in large scale events and roadshows we are bringing our presentation and venue design into VR. Get beautifully designed presentations and venues tailored to your needs, why not host a matching VR event along side your real world event providing more reach and access. Or something spectacular you couldn't build in the real world due to cost or time restrictions.

Expert presentation design in VR Corporate venue stage design for VR Event schedule slide Jason Dunn - Manufacturing in Space and how it changes Manufacturing on Earth

Custom Avatars

We also provide custom true to life avatars, so your audience or team members know exactly who they are seeing without a second guess.

Custom VR avatars Custom VR avatars


Holograms are optimised 3D Projections of objects or models, we're offering Holograms as an additional element that can go alongside your presentations.

Present your products in 3D as a virtual hologram

Recent Events

On Wednesday the 11th of September we hosted the second Global VR conference in Africa with SingularityU South Africa for their Insight Press conference to highlight exponential technology and what's upcoming for the October Summit at Kyalami Race Track. What better way illutrstate future focused tech than to hold a Global Conference in VR. We had Singularty University members from around the world join in and discuss the challenges the world faces and how technology can help to solve these challenges.

- Video coming soon -

Previous Events

We met with Jeremy Maggs who is a South African journalist, radio host and television presenter,
best known for hosting the game show "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and showed him a glimpse of the future of Social VR through new
opensource web technology that powers V-Hive. The eNCA film crew were there and filmed the whole thing for a 30 minute slot that aired on DSTV. Aaron Frank a researcher, writer, and lecturer at Singularity University focused on the intersection of emerging technologies and accelerating change and an expert in Augmented and Virtual Reality was kind enough to setup a real world camera so we could see him all the way in San Francisco!

In 2018 we held the first ever
Global Virtual Reality Press Conference in Africa,

where we had an exclusive real-time conversation between summit organizers, partners and Singularity University Global Leadership
from all around the world within a virtual space using the Altspace VR platform.
Check out the highlights video and see how it went down.

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